Use Vacuum Hose to Connect to Solar Panel and Back?


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Jun 28, 2010
I want to connect my pump to my (new) solar panel with a larger hose and was wondering if anyone has tried using a flexible vacuum hose. I don't want to use pvc because its just for the summer. A vacuum hose seems to be the perfect size and I can get them in 25 ft lengths.

Anyone ever try this? How did it hold up?

Also, I assume the 1 3/4 inch size should easily attach to my Intex 633 pump?

Thanks in advance.


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Apr 8, 2007
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Some of the solar panel kits ship with flex hose. Even though you only operate during summer months, if you plan to have it up more than just this year I would recommend going with PVC and installing unions and drain plugs for easy draining and winter breakdown/storage. We had so much trouble with leaks and hose blow-offs using flex hose I was ready to give up. PVC was one of the best decisions we ever made. It takes no more time to winterize than hoses and is so much tidier than that mess of hoses - also not one leak


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Jun 28, 2010

We only keep the pool up for the summer months... I need the flexibility of taking it all down and storing it.
Sounds like the hose connections are key.

Is there a good online source for rubber connector fittings/sleeves? Home Depot was pretty limited in choices.
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