Use vac hose with Kreepy krauly


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Sep 14, 2011
So Cal
I've been using vac hose with my KK in the last at least 5 yrs with no problem except air somehow gets in the system. I think that happened even when it was brand new and even when used with the KK original hose from the beginning. Actually, I changed out to vac hose thinking it's has less chance of getting air in since it's a one piece.

Again, I am trying to find out why the KK gets air in the system. I think it's the design (how the block switching position to move the KK) but I just wonder if anyone here uses KK with no air problem.



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Feb 17, 2012
Memphis, TN
i noticed that my KK hasn't been working very well and I know it's getting air into the pump only when using the kk. im gonna try this and hope it makes it run better. only had my kk for a month too.