Use salt test results for CSI in a non-SWG pool?


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I've been using TFP and Pool Math for over 2 years, with success and great satisfaction. This summer I switched from the TF-100 test kit to Taylor K-2006C (not because of any problem with the TF kit). The Taylor kit has a salt test, so I've been testing the salt level. I do not have a SWG pool, nor have I added pool salt, but I'm aware that there is salt coming from the liquid chlorine, the muriatic acid, and swimmers. My question is whether or not I should use the salt value for the Pool Math CSI calculation.It does make a difference in my CSI and has made it a bit more difficult to manage my pH based on CSI. I'm just not sure if it's an issue.

Here are my test results from today:
FC: 6.5 (target is 7.5; I lose 1-1.5 ppm per day here in sunny Florida)
CC: 0
pH: 7.8 (it's most stable here, but my target was 7.6 - 7.7 before I started including the salt results)
TA: 50 (TA and pH are both most stable at this TA, and fighting it was futile)
CH: 320
CYA: 50
Salt: 1600
Water Temp: 77
CSI without salt value: -0.09
CSI with salt value: -0.21

So, should I include the salt test results or just ignore it? Thanks for any insights and recommendations!