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Feb 7, 2015
Perth - Australia
This may be already asked in the forums but I couldn't find the answer

I used Poolmath a few years ago and somehow forgot about it and have instead logged my info in a different app till now (not as good an App probably, its called PoolPal)

Anyway reinstalled Poolmath and I link my username and all my old data from when I first used it in 2019 shows up so all good there

Now I understand if you want to keep historical logs you must subscribe but all I really want to do is see my current data feom that moment in time, the prior stuff from months back I personally don't care about.

Thing is if I input my latest info it calculates what additions I may need for say pH or FC but it doesn't save that number at all and reverts to the figure from 2019 in the summary display

Is this normal? I don't expect to have a log or history in the free version but should it not at least keep / update my latest data entry amd overwrite in my case the info from 2019?



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Jun 19, 2020
It won't log anything new for you without the subscription. It always uses the last entry - in your case, from years ago, because it won't log anything new.

I'm able to use the app without a subscription by manually deleting the single allowed log, then logging my new test results in the app. I also keep a paper log.

For you, I believe that you will need to manually delete all of your old test logs, one at a time. Or sign up again with new credentials for a fresh start.
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