Urgent Pls...Can 1 1/2'' Jandy valve be replaced with 2'' Jandy valve?


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Jun 19, 2013
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Hi everyone, is it ok to replace a 1 1/2'' valve with 2'' valve, will it have any issues for pressure? Thanks! :)

My Space Saver Jandy valve is worn and I am losing water in my spa when only the spa is running. I tried to unscrew top of valve to see the diverter inside (I have seen those online) but the valve is sealed and not budging, I even broke some of the plastic top and pump isnt priming now. Oh that was fun! I wrapped with it garbage bag and its working again.

I am going to replace this valve, it is the valve right before my pump.
Can I replace it with a 2'' valve although what is on there now is a 1 1/2''?

I understand I will need different couplings. I kind of bought the wrong valve and Im having a handyman come in few hrs to do this. I even bought two of these larger valves and was going to replace my main drain valve as well.


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May 7, 2007
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Using a larger valve will never cause a problem other than making sure you have room for the adapters needed. Using a smaller valve isn't usually a problem either, though that would ever so slightly restrict the flow rate.


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May 19, 2010
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FYI, the Jandy-type valves are usually labeled as 1.5/2" or 2"/2.5"
The first number is the size of pipe that you can glue directly into the valve.
The second number is the pipe size that is the same size as the valve and you use a coupler to attach to the outside of the valve outlets and the pipe.

I am not exactly clear what valve you have now and are replacing, but figured I would try to clarify a bit for you.