Upgrading to sand filter...


Jun 12, 2018
Glens Falls NY
... for a 15' Intex after years of dealing with (and loathing) a cartridge filter.

Ordered a 2100 GPH intex sand filter and not sure about what / how much filter media to order.

Pump specs say 26# sand and 18# glass media. Do I need to get both, or just one or the other? I've also seen filter "balls" online but not sure if they're better to use.



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May 3, 2014
Laughlin, NV
Straight sand. Then, if you find you would like to polish the look of your pool water, try some DE. But you have to buy DE in large quantities, unless you have a friend that has a DE filter for their pool. The DE cannot be garden grade -- different stuff.
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