Upgrading Pool Equipment


Jan 9, 2013
Atlanta, GA
We have a 17,000 gallon pool in Atlanta, GA with some aging equipment we want to start replacing.

We have
1.5 HP Standard Motor Pump
Hayward S244S Sand Filter
AutoPilot Pool Pilot Digital with RC42 cell SWG
Ray Pak Heater Natural Gas (Not connected, looks to be rusted and screen display looks busted and cracked)

The current issues we want to tackle are getting a working heater and upgrade the pump. The pump is super loud and makes sitting out by the pool unenjoyable.

I'm pretty confident in upgrading the heater to a Raypak Digital Cupro-Nickel Natural Gas Heater at 399,000 BTU. The reason for Cupro-Nickel was based on its better for Salt Water systems?

I'm not to confident in which pool pump. Since we want quietness, getting something like the Pentair IntelliFlo? I'm not sure how many HP we need. Also i'm not sure if our Sand Filter is big enough?

Any guidance on what to get would be wonderful. Thank you


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Jul 21, 2013
Northern NJ
Pentair IntelliFlo 011028 VS pump will work fine. You don't worry about HP on a VS pump. The VS makes it variable HP and you run it at whatever speed and HP your pool needs.

You don't need cupro-nickel for a SWG pool if you keep your water chemistry properly balanced. If you get sloppy with water chemistry then the cupro heater may last a bit longer.


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Aug 10, 2017
Morris Cnty NJ
The cupro nickel option is only a few bucks more and it's cheap insurance to me. I only use them now. If you get another 2 years out of the heater its money well spent. Bigger filter is always better cant be too big