Upgraded Filter - Polaris 360 not working


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Apr 16, 2019
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We just upgraded from a cartridge filter to a DE filter. The repair technician took it upon himself to remove the Jandy Energy filter from the line and changed up the plumbing, saying the energy filter wasn't necessary.

We have a Polaris 360 cleaner that hasn't worked properly since the upgrade. Our servicing pool company replaced the wheels but can't find anything else wrong with it. The wheels are moving at about 25 rpm but the cleaner just goes straight out to the other side and doesnt have power to turn. The 3 jets seem strong but I can't tell if it's vacuuming as it doesnt move about the pool. The tail barely moves. The backflow valve has a light trickle when not engaged and shooting in full force. Screen filter is clean.

Could the lack of an energy filter cause the Polaris to not operate properly or am I missing something?


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May 3, 2014
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I suspect that the DE filter is causing more backpressure which would reduce the flowrate through it. So that is effecting the rate going to the cleaner. The Energy Filter would just be another restriction.
Is the filter pressure on your DE filter higher than what you had with the cartridge filter?
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