Upgrade to EasyTouch panel from standalone IC60 setup?


Jul 16, 2020
San Diego
I'm in the process of upgrading my Pentair IC60 system to a more stable / automated setup with an EasyTouch panel. I'm wondering if anyone here can tell me if I can 're-use' the existing stand alone power center (e.g. the transformer) and if the base (Non-SWCG) EasyTouch still has the connectors and firmware support for a built-in SWCG? Or can I purchase them separately?

At this point, I'm leaning towards just biting the bullet and paying for a panel with an IC20 (only to turn around re-sell it).

Due to space concerns, I do not want to keep the stand alone SWCG power center.


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Jul 7, 2014
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The EasyTouch with the internal SWCG power supply, has all the stuff you need to connect your IC60 to the bottom of the cabinet.. It also has the wiring to connect the main boards com port to the SWCG power supply (surge) card..

If you use an external Power Center, you will have to run power from the EasyTouch's pump/filter relay to the power center.. You will also have to run a four wire com cable from the EasyTouch to the power center..

If you use an EasyTouch, and want to control thing using your PC, Phone, or Tablet, you will have to buy the ScreenLogic Add on..

A better idea is to buy the new IntelliCenter.. You can buy it piece by piece, so you can buy the load center with the builtin SWCG power supply and then just the cards that you need. It is about the same price when you include ScreenLogic..

Check out these people... IntelliCenter


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Jul 16, 2020
San Diego
Thanks for the quick reply, Jimrahbe!

I looked at the IntelliCenter early on but thought it might be total overkill and got the impression the EasyTouch might be more reliable and future proof (and generally more well-liked). I'll take a look at the Intellicenter, esp. if the pricing is comparable and I won't need to overbuy.

I'm having a licenced electrical contractor come out next week to run a 100 amp underground line from my main breaker panel to the pool area where the panel will be. I doubt I'm using anymore than 40amps right now but want to future proof the setup. Hopefully it's not total overkill.