Upgrade time for pumps


Jun 13, 2016
Chicago suburbs , IL
Hi All,

My setup is in my sig. The pumps have been installed since pool was built in 2008. The motors have been replaced by previous owner and they are due again, lot's of noise and grinding sounds from both pumps. I'm capable of doing the replacement myself. I've heard two things and I'm looking for some recommendations on what pumps to invest in.

1) for the main/skimmers - I can go variable pump, which one is recommended that is very quiet?
2) for the ParamountVacuum, i have 10 ports in all, I heard that cannot go variable, but not sure. Which one is recommended there?

all 2" plumbing btw.

Currently is is just two of the Jandy setups in my Sig. I don't mind spending a little more for quality units.
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