Upgrade Pump & Filter for Intex Pools


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May 9, 2007
Does anyone have any experience on replacing a filter and pump on one of the Intex style pools. A co-worker has one that is failing and would like to upgrade it to a system that does not call for replacing the filter cartridges bi-weekly.

The pool store said they had a cartridge one that would do it for $350.00. He does not know what brand or anything so I can not check it on line. FYI the pool is ~4,000 gallons so it doesn't need a large system. I have searched without any good results and thought it would be worth posting the question here.



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Apr 22, 2007
Wyoming, Michigan
I had to reply....

I have a 15' easy set Intex (actually measures about 12' across the top of the open water). This year I added a 24" Hayward sand filter to it (with Zeobrite), plumbed in one additional suction port and two additional returns. I have a Hayward 1 hp pump running the whole mess (yes, I know its large, but the 3/4 hp are more difficult to get without special ordering).

Why did I do this you ask.... Well, I got really sick of buying new cartridges for the existing filter, couldn't vaccuum with the low throughput on the existing pump, and figured anything I bought I could use when I got a larger, more permanent pool. :) When I get a minute I'll snap a couple of pictures of it.


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Jun 13, 2007
New Orleans
Tom, I have a 18'x48" Intex metal frame and want to upgrade my pump and filter. I know you said the 1hp is too big. What size do you think would be good for my pool? Also, do you think the 24" sand filter is overkill or is it working just fine? How is the Zeobrite working for you? Can you tell me why and how you plumbed an additional suction and two returns (that makes it 2 suctions and 3 returns)? Please take some pics when you get a chance so I can see what I need to do.



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Jun 26, 2007
I have a 16x48 Intex Metal Frame pool. The pump that came with the pool was just an 800gph number 637, with a size A filter. It is not even keeping up well on my other smaller pool, a 8x2 donut ring pool. (Having children 9 years apart causes one to have multiple pools lol) I honestly think there is some kind of design flaw with it, because the housing will not fill completely with water with the pump on, you can screw the top right off and no water floods out, anyway, you do not have to go with a sand filter to keep your pool clean.

I am running just a larger 2000GPH Intex Filter Pump, and they make them up to 3000GPH I believe. I am able to run the Hayward Aqua Critter Vacuum with no problem, directly from the inflow. It just took a little creativity to get everything to fit without leaking. Of course you still have to wash the filter with the hose, and buy replacement filters, but for anyone that doesn't mind doing that, just a plain Intex pump upgrade will keep your pool clean.

Word from the wise though, with a larger pump, you sure have to watch your TA levels, because without getting real creative on the outflow side, you just about have a fountain, and the aeration from that can cause the TA to drop when you are having trouble with PH rising and having to keep lowering that.


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Jun 25, 2007
I have a 24' oval Intex with a hayward 22 inch filter and 1 HP pump also. The only problem I ran into was the fittings, Intex pool fittings did not fit/work with the pump.My pool is the bigest one they make, and this pump/filter works great. I did end up spending about $600 for the whole thing, but I am planning on using the pump/filter on a 30' Doughboy that is sitting in boxes in my garage waiting for my homebuilder to get his job done!

For TA levels I switched my intake/outflow sides....did the trick nicely.


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Jul 15, 2007
Summerton, SC
I read with interest about all the folks that have upgraded the filter and pump on the Intex pools. What I would like to know is where you found the fittings? I have a sand filter and pump just haven't had the time to work out the plumbing. I did stop in at the local pool store and they really didn't have much. I bought a standard size return fitting with an eyeball but haven't tried to install it yet. The fitting seems to be a bit smaller than the Intex fittings as I haven't had the opportunity to really see if it fits. I found the adapter for the hose at Lowe's that will screw into the fittings. Is this the right size or do I need to order from somewhere else.

Thanks...I'm new to pools and thanks to TFP I've been enjoying using mine.



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Jul 21, 2007
Billerica MA
I just added a solar panel to my Intex setup and had to tackle the Intex non-standard issues. For this year's model 12 x 20 oval frame pool, standard 1 1/2" pool hoses and hose clamps are working fine. You just don't use the threaded part of the 1500GPH pump or plunger valve that lock on an Intex hose.
Apr 9, 2008
clinton ms
upgrade intex filter to sand

got a 15' above ground pool with 637 intex filter.. 800 gph.. want to upgrade to sand filter. know i will probably need stronger hoses, clamps..etc. anyone else have experience doing this?


May 3, 2008
Purcellville, Va
Folks, from reading here it's obvious we need a pictorial how-to and perhaps a parts list for the Intex filter upgraders.

I'm buying a 16 '' , 1 HP Hayward Pro s166t filter pump for my Intex 12x24x52 and I'm not sure how I'm going to plumb the intake and return fittings.

The supplied skimmer "should" work since it's designed to work with the 2500 GPH 633 Intex pump/filter. It's just getting all the plumbing set up.

If I get this all worked out I will post back here unless someone already has this info and can save me from reinventing the wheel.

PS- I caled Tech support at BEST BUY Pool Supply and they wouldn't even talk to me about doing a conversion to a Sand Filter because of the Skimmer Issue. Said the Intex skimmer would not work with the Hayward Sand Filter. Sounds like a lame response to me.


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May 28, 2008
The other LA (Louisiana)
Apr 9, 2008
clinton ms
hey all.. sorry ive been slow to respond.. finally broke down this year and bought 1/3 hp 1500gph
filter with upgrade hoses.. all has been much better this year.. no green water! just bleach each day and run filter couple of hours.. will try to check back soon to let you know if this filter lasts.. found lots of complaints about it after i made purchase!! but so far so good.. sure would have saved me alot of head scratching the prior years with the old pump