Upgrade PLC700 to PLC1400?


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Mar 9, 2017
Irving, TX
I have recently bought a house with a pre-existing saltwater pool with Jandy equipment including Aquapure, Aqualink, and a PLC700 SWCG. The PLC700 cell appears to be rather old and non-functional (error codes 125 and 194, based on the serial number I think it was manufactured in 2011 so 6 years old). The sellers were supposed to have the pool professionally serviced before we closed on the house, but apparently they did not have the PLC700 replaced, and they are now long gone out of state. I found empty Clorox bottles so I would assume that is how they were maintaining the pool.

I have shocked the pool (it was starting to turn green and chlorine read as zero) and gotten the water chemistry balanced and chlorine stable using tablets, but I would like to get the SWCG functioning rather than manually adding chlorine. I am concerned that the PLC700 is actually too small for the pool which is about 16,000 gallons (38x14x4 feet), and I don't want to spend the money on a new cell only to find that I still need to manually supplement with chlorine. I live near Dallas so the weather is warm and sunny much of the year.

Can I replace the dead PLC700 with a PLC1400? As I understand I would need to get a new power supply board or bridge Jumper JL1 on the Aquapure control box to convert to a PLC1400, but is that all? Will the PLC1400 fit in place of the PLC700 or will I need to redo plumbing as well?

Thanks for any advice.


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Mar 2, 2011
The 1400 will work. You need to bridge the cut jumper. The new cell might fit without replumb. However, I think that they might have gone to a new union that won't match.
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