Upgrade old pool light to LED

Aug 14, 2016

I have an old sulyvan pool, with an old 500W KDI Paragon light in it. I want to upgrade that to a color LED. A commercial solution goes for >$1,100 and includes the shell and all, which i don't need. any ideas how to upgrade this to an LED?
(p.s. found a similar thread that discusses this lamp, but they concluded there only how to change the bulb Pool light for old sylvan pool)
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Apr 19, 2013
Sacramento, CA
Wow Wow Wow.

I would call Inyo pools or Sunplay and see if they can sell you a light fixture that would fit in this pool that can be upgraded to an LED bulb. I have my doubts. There also may be an low voltage LED fixture that might fit. Again I would Call Inyo or Sunplay and ask.

Hopefully one of the old pool guys on here will chime in they may have an idea.
May 26, 2011
I am having this same problem! Let me know if anyone has a new LED light that will fit in this niche!! I would appreciate it greatly!!!!! Kristen