Updating wiring to add components

Hello all,
I'm new here and new to pools in general. My family and I just bought this house with an inground pool and are starting to open it up and see what we need to do to it.
After some trial and error with the previous owners' suction side cleaner and a used pressure side cleaner (that was incorrectly listed on CL) we purchased a reasonably priced robotic pool cleaner to help remove algae and debris after manually fighting with it for a couple weeks. The robotic cleaner needs to be plugged into a GFCI protected receptical and definitely not into an extension cord per the manual. Only problem is that we don't have a receptical close enough to the pool to make it work. The problem really comes when we're looking at what is already there. We have an older 1HP Hayward Super Pump wired to a switch then back to a 20A single pole breaker at the main panel. I'm looking at adding a receptical for the cleaner (Smartpool Climber , timer (Intermatic T104/T101), and a salt chlorine generator (Hayward Aqua Rite) to my current setup.

Our current pump is listed at 115/230 volts on the tag. Is it possible to bump it up to a double pole breaker and add the components that I'm looking to add without damaging the pump? Can I run everything on the current single pole breaker? I can't seem to find an amp draw on the salt system or the timer so I don't know if I'd have to up the breaker and/or wire size.

Thank in advance. I'm looking forward to coming here frequently.


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Jun 2, 2007
Annandale, VA
I cant really see doing all that on a single 20 amp circuit. Can you have a electrician bring a subpanel out to your pool pad where the equipment is? From there you could run a gfci outlet for the cleaner. You can also have your breakers in this panel. Thats the best way.