Updates for 2018!!


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Jun 21, 2011
Tecumseh, OK
Happy swim season everyone!! ? Just wanted to post some updates and changes that I've done for this year. This is the 3rd year we've had this 24ft pool and I believe the 9th year for the deck.

First off, changed the deck color from cedar to a dark brown this year. Found a 5gal bucket of Olympic maximum protection 10yr stain at Lowe's. Was labeled as a mistint for $35. This stuff normally runs $170 for 5gal. So I snatched it up and ran. Lol

Baulisters are now copper and can see the nice brown color.

Pool was just uncovered last Tuesday so it's been a week and one day that the pool has been uncovered and opened. Just look at that beautiful 85 degree TFP water!!

Only problem now is the deck chairs are brown and they blend. So I'm thinking about spraying them with some of that krylon fusion paint. Something bright and colorful. Open to suggestions. ?

Of course it's a lot hotter to walk on being dark and all but I think it looks so much better that this look from last year.

Just wanted to share. Hope everyone had a nice memorial weekend! Looks like the heat is turned on so get out there and enjoy those pools ppl. ?[HR][/HR]


May 30, 2018
Paige, Texas
Wow, your deck looks amazing!! Great job!
As far as chair colors go, may I suggest the typical beach/summer colors of lime, lemon, tropical pink, aqua blue? They are loud and kind of obnoxious in a loveable way and they always make me think of summer!
Whichever color you go with will be gorgeous!


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Jun 21, 2011
Tecumseh, OK
Thanks! So we're kinda thinking maybe this green on the chairs. That or aqua blue. We painted this pot since it was also a brown wicker look and blended in.

The umbrella base is bolted into the deck directly. Didn't use the included base thing they supply. Underneath there is a ton of 2x6 bracing between the joists and everything is lag screwed and bolted in place. Then the umbrella base is bolted to that mass of reinforced spot.

It makes for a cleaner look not having that massive base thing in the way. ��


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Feb 18, 2018
Northwest GA
I was going to ask about the umbrella bc I didn't see the huge base in your pics. Looked like the umbrella pole went thru your deck. Looks really nice (may be stealing that!). I love the way you made your steps up to the deck too. Looks a lot nicer than the traditional risers. May steal that too when i do my deck. Thanks for the pics and ideas. It all looks really good.


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Jun 21, 2011
Tecumseh, OK
Thank you scout.

We decided to do the steps that way for several reasons. One: my mother in law had both knees replaced and it just made it easier for her to get up to the top with platforms laid out in short lifts. Getting out of the pool she could scoot up backwards to the top step and then handle one step up out.

And two: it helps minimize the view underneath as well as draw the eye away from the fact that the deck is 4ft in the air.

The initial plan was to put lattice all around to totally enclose the area off but I just never got around to doing that part.


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Jun 10, 2017
Ottawa/ON, Canada
Fantastic- unless your chairs are great quality the job of painting the chairs may not be worth it - pick up some new bright chairs? I know Canadian Tire carries great colours as does Costco (the heavy duty adirondacks) and you may need cans and cans of paint.

If you go with the spray paint route you may make something really awesome. I just know from my last effort I don't yet have the skills.

- - - Updated - - -

Other option- keep the brown chairs and buy a pretty outdoor pillow for each - turquoise will look great with your pool. turquoise and red are amazing together too.


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Jun 21, 2011
Tecumseh, OK
Thank you all! Yes for the chairs they aren't super expensive, there were $30 a piece. They have that Adirondack style but hold up to 350 lbs, also they have a flip out cup holder built into the arm.

I would have bought a different color but brown was all that was offered locally and we purchased them last year. Still only can find the brown in stores. Regular Adirondack chairs I can find in many colors but those don't hold up and also sit lower so it's harder for some family members to get out of them, the lb limit, that and the struggle and pressure on the arms is what causes them to break when trying to get up.

I think we've decided on just a bottom cushion that is Turquoise colored. To paint I'm afraid would cost almost as much per chair in paint as the chairs themselves and may not hold up long term. The cushions we found are $19 and fit the bottom perfectly. So that is what we are probably going to do.

Eventually we'll get real outdoor furniture once we are rid of some of the family that come to swim. (I know that sounds horrible but I don't mean it that way - it's just hard to find chairs that hold over a 250lb limit, per another thread I believe I started last year)

Plus we may be expanding the deck next year now that we have a permanent hard sided agp so we'll need more furniture then!!


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May 31, 2015
Gaylesville, AL
Thanks for the step ideas!

I am currently building a deck around my 24' pool, and have been going crazy trying to figure out how I was going to do the steps... until I saw this post!


Hope you don't mind! LOL


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Jul 4, 2013
Just beautiful colors! Your super thoughtful with multiple landings making it easy for your mother in law to access pool deck.