Updated Pool Tip - Itchy Fiberglass on Arms...


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Apr 26, 2009
So - I change a lot of filters... And no matter what I do I always wind up walking away with itchy arms. As it comes that time of year when a lot of people on the forum should be considering filter maintenance, I thought I would throw this out there.

My old trick was to use a roll of duct-tape: Put the duct-tape on the roll backwards (sticky-side out) and just roll it over the itchy areas. The sticky will grab the invisible fibers and leave your arms no-longer itchy.

My new trick (I was out of duct-tape :rant: ) - I was in the garage after a filter cleaning and had one of those stick-and-peel lint rollers on the shelf:

Just peeled off an old "skin" from the roller, rolled the new sticky side over my arms... and no more itchies!

Hope this helps.

- Jeff

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