Update / Still need help: New House / Old Pool Complete Remodel


Mar 9, 2020
Dallas, TX
Hi all,

I posted a couple months back about my preliminary plans to remodel a poorly maintained pool in the new home I just purchased, however I wanted to run my plan past the experts in this community before finalizing them.

I am looking at doing the following to "fix up" the ~25,000 gallon pool:
My questions are:

  1. Does all this look good / am I missing anything?
  2. I was thinking about replacing the booster pump to the pressure cleaner robot, but I got some advice to ditch the booster pump altogether and go with a smarter robotic cleaner such as this Polaris one.
    1. Would these still need a booster pump?
    2. What happens to the booster pump line if there is no booster pump?
Thanks again for everything!


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Mar 4, 2015
Sugar Land , TX
The only thing I would do is to the: Add plumbed water fill line tied into water hose faucet so I can fill pool without needing to run a hose each time. (Abandoned auto-fill idea)
Your idea will work ,but I would add some sort of timer to shut the water off. There will be a time you turn it on and forget about it until your pool overflows and your water bill sky rockets :)
Something as simple as this will work:

Orbit 1-Port Single Dial Timer-62056 - The Home Depot
kind of autofill once you determine your evaporation rate. just set and forget


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Jul 10, 2012
Tallahassee, FL
Solid plan right there!

For the booster pump line you just cap it a both ends.

Now lets talk about one of my fav waterline tiles! When the boxes get there you really need to go through them. Pick out the extra pretty ones to put in the eye sight places and the ugly ones to hide so they don't get used LOL



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Jun 28, 2017
Fresno, CA
Pool Size
No need for the booster pump with a stand alone robot.
No need for the old cleaner line so you could cap it as Kim suggested or re-plumb it into another return line.
The timer on the fill line is a wise suggestion.
I agree, I too am a DE filter man. :cheers:
Post up your plumbing plans for free advice from the ol timers here.


Mar 9, 2020
Dallas, TX
Thank you all for the replies!!!

Will definitely add a timer so I dont forget about it (happened to me with the hose last week!).

Any ideas for something worthwhile to do with the cleaner line since it is there and running plumbing is expensive -- kind of want to do something with it...
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