Unusual skimmer, jet and return setup

May 10, 2018
Hi - thank you in advance for any help, and apologies - I am new to pool ownership and maintenance so I may ask basic questions.

we have an unground vinyl pool with two skimmers, but no jets or returns.

It seems our skimmer has built in jets that push water out right under the skimmer opening.

in last years, it created a light ripple that was barely noticeable. This year, after reopening the pool, it creates large bubbles that resemble a jacuzzi jet. This is unusual and seems like something is wrong. My wife seems to recall that in past years the pool company would screw something onto the skimmer which would prevent the bubbles, but we can’t find what she refers to and the pool company is stumped. They say they’ve never seen a system like ours.

any ideas on what may be going on and what I should do?


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May 19, 2010
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:wave: There are a few members with the skimmers you mention, but I just can't recall the name of the system.

Please fill out your signature with details about your pool.
Maybe a few pictures of your plumbing and skimmer setup as well.


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Feb 7, 2015
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I believe it's a venturi skimmer. The venturi affect, which uses return flow, helps aid in the skimmer doing a better job skimming.

There may be a valve at the equipment pad to adjust the flow thru the venturi.
May 10, 2018
You got it. It is an Aquagenie. Having googled it and seen how it should function, I wonder if either (1) the pool company forgot to attach the orrifice plate, or (2) they attached it pointing up instead of downward.

Will investigate.