Unknown pool vac - need help identifying


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Jan 6, 2019
Rancho Cucamonga
Hi, everyone. First time to the forums and glad to have a good bunch of interesting folks.:D

I recently bought a home with a mystery pool vacuum (photo included). It's missing a rubber belt on one side that I'd like to replace but I'm not sure where to even find it. There are no manufacture labels or IDs on any piece of the vac. Even my local pool shop is stumped as they haven't seen this model before. I tried a Google reverse image to no avail. It's hard to estimate the age but overall it looks to be in good shape and gets around fairly well, even without one belt.

Anyone have any idea who makes this product?




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Feb 27, 2017
I haven't run across this one before. Maybe the previous owner got a one-off sample cleaner that never made it to market or was discontinued.