Union issue


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Jan 4, 2016
I plumbed in a new vsp and filter as well as new jandy valves. When I installed the jandy valve that connects to the pump via a union I guess I did not have the union connected so the valve is tilted ever so slightly which causes the union to be down 10 degrees. Luckily this all connects to abs pipe underground to my pvc connections to the valves so was able to shim the front of the pump 1/4” and screw the union all by hand to the stop (not real easily but doable).
I still have to finish plumbing the heater and filter so wondering if anyone has had this issue before? What are my options since this valve won’t twist since it is cemented already. Redoing it all is not an option really.
Cutting old the suction from valve to pump and do new pvc would be doable but with such a small degree it will still be off unless I could use flexible pvc for a few inches?
Just leave it as is since it is suction side and may suck some air? Or think it’ll be fine?



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May 16, 2010
Chapel Hill, NC
Unions rarely line up perfectly. Fortunately there should be some flex in the PVC pipe so I'd try connection the union and tightening it down firmly. If it doesn't leak (air), great; if it does leak, then you'll have to do some more shimming and jiggling to get it to work.


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Feb 13, 2019
If you are able to screw it on all the way, then the o-ring should be engaged. It'll likely be fine except that it might be putting stress on the rest of the plumbing if not supported well.