Uninvited Wildlife in the Pool


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Oct 6, 2009
With my new inground pool only about a month old, it seems the local wildlife has already begun exploring it as their own sort of recreation area! I've already found a few frogs swimming in the pool, stuck in the skimmer, etc. and even had a pair of Mallard ducks sitting on the boulder waterfall the other day - obviously contemplating if they should take up residence in this "pond" vs the retention basin back behind my development!! Luckily they decided not to stay.

But the other day, after having been away on business for the week, when I went to empty the skimmer baskets, I found the surprise of my life when I opened the lid on one skimmer and found an entire rabbit floating in the basket!!! That also explained what appeared to be rabbit droppings in the bottom of the pool as well - it was!

From a health and safety standpoint, I'm wondering what I should be doing when this type of stuff occurs. Should I be performing a chlorine shock to insure I'm killing off any harmful bacteria that may be present from the critter and/or feces? Or is there anything specific one does when this occurs?

If anyone has any advice for keeping the wildlife away altogether, I'd also be interested in hearing about that. I live in a new development on former farmland, and so on occasion we still see wildlife in the area (rabbits, deer, groundhogs, etc.)


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Aug 13, 2009
Hattiesburg, MS
Poor Bunny.... :cry:

I am sure you are already fenced, but it may help to run some chicken wire along the bottom of your fence. Bunnies are a lot like mice when squeezing into tight spaces. They can get through the small gaps in between your fence posts. Can't advise you about the ducks though. Maybe they were just checking out your new backyard. I could just hear what "they" were thinking.


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Mar 29, 2007
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Welcome to TFP!!

Put a book of etiquette out for them to read and then they'll know that unauthorized use of your pool us completely unacceptable :lol:

Seriously, I see a lot of faux owls by pools to keep critters away :cool: