Uneven spillway flow? Try this!


Feb 7, 2018
Lake Worth, FL
I have an in-ground salt pool with attached spa. There's a spillway between the elevated round spa and the pool. It has 3 flat adjacent (no gaps) marble tiles that the spillover flows over and into the pool. I get a decent flow and good chlorine levels with my VS pump set to about 2400 rpm (standard operation).

BUT, the water over the leftmost tile tends to dribble over the edge, while the other 2/3 of the spillway makes a nice waterfall. Of course, cranking up the pump speed to 2800-3000 gives a more uniform waterfall, but that's a bit wasteful and nonideal. I also didn't want to reset or grind down the slow spillover tile.

SO, I put my thinking cap on, tried an easy fix, and it worked! Here's what I did: after the pool shut down for the night, I took a candle and rubbed it along the front edge and forward top portion of the 'slow' tile. I used a white candle and rubbed fairly hard. The applied wax was invisible. Turned on the pool, and now I have a uniform spillover across all 3 tiles.

The wax repels water and keeps the slower spillway section from 'sticking' to the tile. This is a really easy and quick and cheap fix if you have a spillway that's just a bit uneven.
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