underwater light lens leakin

Apr 1, 2008
Cades, SC
Hello everyone
I just pulled my light cover off to clean because of algae problem I am having and I have water in lens. The gasket is shot and it is Sat. at 4:30. Our well pump is wired in with the wiring to pool stuff and I need to turn breaker back on.(Was done by licensed elec.) Note I am not comfortable with electricity. The lens gasket called for is american products P/N 791016. We live way in the country with no major towns near by. Our local pool store is also the builder but they close at 12:00 on Sat. OK first question will it hurt to leave light out on deck until Monday and can I turn breakers back on? If I can should I remove gasket and bulb to dry it out without a new gasket to reassemble? Light is on switch by itself with a regular flipper like on the wall in the house. I don't know about breaker. Shouldn't it be on seperate breaker in breaker box in pool house? I turned it off where it ties into main box at our house to be extra safe. Tonight I really hate that pool. Sigh. Any advice will be appreciated I'm going out to take a look at breaker box at pool.



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Mar 29, 2007
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You can leave the light housing out of the pool... BE SURE to cover it or wrap it with plastic if you do so. Remove the light bulb and let the housing dry out so you don't have a problem when you can get the new bulb. As long as the light won't trip the breaker, it's fine to turn the well pump back on, leaving the light switch off should be enough to do this :-D

Different areas have different codes on what's required for pool electrical connection, as long as yours is 'up to code' it just becomes an issue of dealing with your wiring peculiarities. The light often is on a line that doesn't draw too many amps - it's easier than putting in a new breaker for just the light :|

Take the bulb out and let the housing dry, but keep it protected from any rain/ water! All should be good by Monday when you get the new gasket!!
Apr 1, 2008
Cades, SC
hey thanks for the reply and for the welcome. I was sooo glad to find this site. I will get the light gasket Monday and hopefully my test kit will come by the middle of the week. Ah be back!!
Still with a cloudy pool in SC