Ultimate Desjoyaux Pool Conversion - HELP!


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Apr 12, 2019
Falmouth, Maine
I just moved to a new house with a Desjoyaux Utopia pool. We moved during a Maine winter and were unable to do a pool inspection. We reserved some money for necessary repairs, understanding that the pump and heater were broken.

This pool has one filter and one jet in the back of the pool that is internal with a bag to empty. It’s from France and is no longer sold in the US. Parts are prohibitively expensive.

I have two quotes from local pool companies, both saying that people have been less than satisfied with this type of pool over the years. Both say I need to convert to a more conventional outside filtration system with a conventional pump and a Hayward electric heat pump.

One says I can do it with the existing configuration and it will be totally fine. The other says I need to burrow underground and add another filter catch and more jets on the sides which involves replacing the liner and pool deck. When I spoke to the second about using the existing configuration, he said there’s no way he will do that because I’ll be disappointed with the pool - that that type of pool is horrible and I essentially need a whole new pool.

The difference in cost is about $8k versus $21k to fix it. Since I have money set aside now, I’d like to make the right decision for the long term so I don’t go with the first and then have to shell out my own funds a year from now.

Please help me! Thank you so much.


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Jan 17, 2012
Evans, Georgia
I just did a Google search on "Desjoyaux Utopia" and it popped up a bunch of sites, even near me in Georgia.
Are you sure its not still being sold and parts available?

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