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May 20, 2015
Springfield, IL
So, we had a tear in the liner/leak at return jet. We hoped we could make it through this season but found another leak around the light. We have a new liner and skimmer/ports ready to install and are having new sheet metal put over the rusted old areas... but the guy we've hired to do it had a car accident and is without his van right now. The leak around the light is very slow so we decided to go ahead and just finish opening it and use it until he can get here (maybe a few weeks :().

We refilled the pool and started the slam. CYA was about 20 after adding some liquid stablizer (not much left in the bottle) and a couple of bags of shock to start
(to boost cya a bit since it was zero to start) . It didn't trend up so I put a sock with cya in for a few hours a couple of times. Unfortunately I ran out of CYA reagent so I am assuming it's still around 30 (or less) as we've lost water/replaced water and had some rain.

Pool started to clear up in that it was cloudy sky blue instead of dark green. YAY! Kept vacuuming and slamming as much as possible (hard to do when you work 12hr days).

Numbers improved but remains completely cloudy with little improvement. Kept vacuuming and slamming and put the robot vacuum in yesterday afternoon and left it running all night.

Was able to keep my FC up at slam level for several hours yesterday in VERY full sun AND my CC were .5 on at least 2 tests.

THEN disaster. Because of all the testing I am now out of the chlorine reagent! UGGHHH!! ( I ordered everything this morning)

So this mornings numbers

FC 2
CC 1
pH 7.2
TA 60 (afraid to add to much of anything as had to bring my pH down from waaayyy over 8 to start with and I know it's hard to rely on pH readings while slamming)

So, my water is cloudy and I'm out of reagent. BUT we've spent too much time and money to stop while we are waiting for the test kit supplies to show up.... sooo... what would you do to keep the process going? A couple of jugs a day? Also our sand filter is 4yrs old and we've never deep cleaned it (and the gauge on it is broken this year.. it is NOT shaping up to be a good pool year! ugh!). Could that be our cloudy problem?

New liner was supposed to be installed a week ago ... so frustrating... As my husband would say "f'ing pool guy!"

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While waiting on your reagents to arrives, I would recommend a sand deep clean. In addition, check the pH to make sure it's still around 7.2. Don't worry about any other testing. For the chlorine (FC), add one gallon of 10% strength each day for now. No sense trying to get too specific, you just want to keep things from getting much worse. Once your reagents arrive, you might do another CYA test since you mentioned water loss, then increase the FC back to SLAM level.