Type of rock to use under bestway pool with foam pad as well as behind retaining wall


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Apr 26, 2017
Installing pool on slope, and we already dug out area. I am also installing a retaining wall. I am hoping to be able to bulk order the same rock for the retaining wall base as well as the pool base.

The place up the road from me has ca6 gravel, and ca16 limestone.

I know I def need the ca6 for the retaining wall base, but can I use that for the pool base too or will it erode away? Also I have some left over river rock, but probably not enough to back fill retaining wall. Can I use crushed limestone for water flow behind wall with the river rock? If so, which should be poured in first, the rest of the river rock then the limestone, or opposite.. or should i just use the limestone for back fill and that's all?

I want the pool to sit on a nice base and then the foam pad. I currently have clay soil, and i don't want to use sand.. whats a good amount of depth for the rock base? This site,
How to Level an Above Ground Swimming Pool | Home Guides | SF Gate

Reccommends 1 to 2 inches..

Pool size 24ft width and 52 inch height