Type and size of above ground pool


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Apr 2, 2020
North Kingstown, RI
I am looking to purchase an above ground pool. I am a single mom, 4 kids 8 down to 4. I have 1/2 an acre. I am looking at either a 27ft or 30ft pool. Not sure which one. Also not sure of all resin by Blue Cascade or Harmony, or a hybrid. Also salt vs chlorine, and a variable speed Hayward pump. What about a plastic layer before the pool liner to protect from insect eating the liner. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated. I was priced at 10k for everything including install for a 30ft all resin Harmony. With a variable speed pump, robotic cleaner, plastic before the liner. Is this crazy high. The owner would do the install. That is also open and close and all the chemicals for 12 weeks.
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Aug 14, 2013
south east Arizona
10K installed doesn't sound that bad to me for that pool. folks here will want to know specific models of pump, filter etc. I think with resin you are waranteed for salt, think about that for chlorinating - makes life really easy (and if it is already included in the price that is nice too - it is suggested to get a SWG rated at least twice the size of the pool, so check on that)


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Jul 2, 2014
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Does your budget include a deck? A deck makes the pool much more enjoyable. Our last above ground was 24' and plenty big for our family of four. But I don't recall seeing many people post on here about regretting going bigger.

Definitely go salt water with a variable speed pump. A robot will make things a lot easier.


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Feb 18, 2018
Chattanooga, TN
For a 30 foot all resin pool installed with what's being included that sounds about right. I was going to have a 24 foot installed 22 inches in the ground and my install and pool was $13,600 (this is with just a single speed pump. The upgraded variable speed was going to add to this price, and no robot which I would have to get on my own) An all resin pool is more expensive than a steel pool or even a hybrid. If I could choose, I'd get resin. I'd also add the swg. A variable speed pump will save you money on electric so that's a good choice.

Size: everyone always says to go as big as your budget allows. A 30 foot pool is huge. If I had the space and budget for it, that's what I'd get. Good luck with everything.


Jun 2, 2018
My local place gets $14K for a 30 foot resin, installed.

We are a family of five. Kids are 10,13 and 10. We have and live our 30 foot. Plenty of room for us and the kids friends.