TX Freeze - pool pumps working, water feature pipes busted, Pressure 0


Jun 18, 2014
hopefully a quick question... would the water feature pipes being cracked (completely apart) cause the main filter pressure to read 0 (waterfeature pump is off)?

pool pump primed normal and ran normal. water circulating. there are no leaks that I could see. pool ran for over 3 hrs and no water around the equipment pad.


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Nov 26, 2013
No. The water feature is probably on a separate branch (PVC), so if the rest of the system is running fine and the gauge is stuck at zero, it sounds like your gauge went bad from the freeze. It's common. You can get nice glycerin-filled gauges HERE.
I love the glycerin-filled gauges. They last so much longer. Mine didn't survive mid 20's last week. I only know that because the needle is pointed straight down.
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