Two SLAM Questions


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Jul 10, 2015
Oxford, MI
Pool is open and looking pretty good so far. This is my third year and I've done a SLAM at the start of each year. Of course I'm starting to question myself now on two things I do...

1 - For my CYA level I'm supposed to take the CL up to 10. But I've been taking it to 12 so that it never drops below 10. Is that correct?

2 - For the OCLT I've been doing the last test of the night while it is still light out but when there is no sun on the pool. Same in the morning, it is light out but no direct sunlight on the pool. Correct or do I need to do this before sunrise / after sunset?

I've passed the clarity and no visible signs of algae, just waiting on the darn OCLT and kinda hoping I'm skewing it with the light.



TFP Expert
Feb 3, 2014
Central Minnesota
1 - If your SLAM target is 10 ppm, you only need to take it that high. It's OK to over shoot by 1 or 2 ppm, but I wouldn't do it intentionally or try to keep it always above the target. Dose to the target FC, retest and dose back up to target.

2 - I would try to test a little later in the evening, when the sun is below the horizon. In the morning, it's hard to test before the sun comes up this time of year but before direct sunlight is best.