Tutorial for pool math app?


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Jul 20, 2021
Hi all! Just finishing the fill of a 21’ above ground. I’ve download the pool math app on my iPhone and am trying to figure it out.
For example, I checked off backwash reminder. I have an alarm now that shows backwashing is overdue, but there’s no indication of how to clear the alarm?
I checked the water hardness and filled in the box. It was in target so the program congratulated me but didn’t update the value in the last addition field. Dumb question but do I need a paid subscription for these fields to work?
Is there a tutorial anywhere that I haven’t been able to find yet?
Thanks nathan


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Jul 24, 2020
San Jose, CA
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The main thing I think you're missing is that you need to click the + at the bottom and 'Log Test Results' or 'Add Chemicals' to see the behaviour you're expecting. Right now I suspect you're clicking on the individual tests on the front screen - those screens are more to show you how much to add to move the numbers around, not log/store current values.
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