Turquoise CLOUDY WATER over 3 weeks


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Jun 5, 2020
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About three weeks ago, I flocced my 24 foot 13000 gallon pool and has someone come vacuum it to waste. Three days later, the water was clearer around the edges, however had a greenish tinge to a circular middle part of the pool. My daughter got in and vacuumed the circular green area out. The water has been cloudy all over now ever since and I can’t seem to clear it up....it is almost turquoise. And very cloudy. I have tried a shock, clarifier, metal Magic, sparkle up for the sand filter, algae use weekly, and getting all chemicals in the below ranges (home test strips and store testing done).
ph 7.7
Alk 114
Ca hardness 96
Free Chlorine 2
Tot chlorine 2.9
Cya 130
Metals 0.8
These numbers have been in range more than they have not after several trips back-and-forth to the pool store and testing on my own.
My pool is 3 years old with a sand filter. Yesterday, I ran the sparkle up through the filter and did see a slight difference but decided as a last ditch effort to floc it again, with this being three weeks since the last time it was flocced. Any thoughts or suggestions?


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You need to follow the SLAM Process. To do that, you need a proper test kit, see Test Kits Compared. I suggest the TF-100 A proper test kit is needed to get the accurate water chemistry results needed to follow the TFP protocols. IF your CYA level is as high as shown, a large water exchange will be needed.

While you are waiting on your test kit, add 5 ppm FC worth of liquid chlorine / plain bleach to your pool each evening with the pump running. This will replenish the FC lost each day to the sun and also inhibit any algae in the water from growing further.
I suggest you read ABC's of Pool Water Chemistry.
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