Turning in my very first "chemistry report"...

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Jun 15, 2021
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Well, the pool is up and running and I just tested the water. I actually did my first test two days after the pool was filled but my results were off the chart because I read the liquid chlorine ratio incorrectly and poured a gallon and a half of chlorine into the pool. The numbers were as follows: CYA - dot never disappeared!
FC 17.5 ppm. (took 35 drops to clear)
CC 1
TC 18.5 ppm
TA 80 ppm
CH 200 ppm
K-1000 results - the chlorine side was dark orange:(. pH was 7.8

After pouring a little over half a gallon of liquid chlorine in here are the current numbers. I think they look better but I need your expert eyes to "grade" me on my "chemistry report:)."
CYA - still could see the dot clearly through the whole test
FC 7.5 ppm (15 drops to clear)
CC 1
TC 8.5 ppm
TA 90
CH 250 ppm
K-1000 results - chlorine 5. pH 7.5


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Jul 3, 2013
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You really need to get at least 30 CYA in there, put it in a sock and drape it in front of a return.. 30 to 60 minutes later mash it up inside the sock and it will be in the pool :)

Grab cyanuric acid from lowes or any other place you can find it..

No need to test chlorine in the K1000, just test PH

Everything else looks good :)
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