Turn on Solar at Outdoor Control Panel but not IntelliTouch?


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May 18, 2012
Las Vegas, NV
Help. I'm a brand new pool owner and new to TFP. I did search the TFP forums and did not find any similar problems, so I am posting my first problem/question... We moved into our home 6 months ago in December 2011 and the pool was built in Summer 2009. We have been using solar heating for our pool since we moved in. We usually use the IntelliTouch panel inside our home to turn off/on the solar heating and/or regular heating. When we turn on the regular heating, a fire symbol pops up on the IntelliTouch and starts blinking. When we use the Solar Heating, the sun symbol pops up next to "Pool" and/or "Spa" but there is no longer a blinking sun symbol. More over, the solar heating is not lit up on the Outdoor Control (Pentair System i9+3) even though I turn it on from the inside. However, I am able to enable the solar heating through the Outdoor Control Panel manually in service mode. This confirms that the solar heating works but only from the outside, not the inside. Everything else on the Intellitouch panel inside works, including the regular heating, so I suspect there must be something wrong with the connection/signal for solar heating from the IntelliTouch...

The Troubleshooting section of the manual says that if some items on the indoor panel (IntelliTouch) do work while other items do not, then the possible causes are: defective cable/wiring or something is wrong with the PCB. Is there anything else I can check and how do I check it? Hope to hear from fellow TFP users before I call Pentair Tech Support. Thanks in advance for your help!


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Nov 27, 2010
Re: Turn on Solar at Outdoor Control Panel but not IntelliTo

I have a Pentair system with just solar and it doesn't take much to have one setting wrong in the Pentair that causes nothing to work right. Call Pentair because they are very good on the phone at helping diagnose these issues.