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May 19, 2022
Orange County
First, I'd like to thank all the members on TFP for all the info that helped me get to where I am today.
Luckily, I am only 3 weeks into the new pool build and we've made really good progress.
I'm still undecided on the finishing details but here are a few photos of the last 3 weeks!

Here are some specs for my build:
Pentair 3HP Intelliflo Variable Speed Pump for Pool and Spa
Pentair 2.2THP Superflow Variable Speed Pump for 3 Bubblers
Pentair 400K BTU Mastertemp Lo-Nox Heater HD
Pentair 48SQF FNS Plus DE Filter with Push/Pull valve
Pentair Easytouch Control with IC40 SCG
Pentair Color Sync Controller
Pentair Screenlogic Bundle
Pentair Globrite Color LED and Niche Kit - 4 for Pool, 2 for Spa. 3 for Bubblers






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Jul 19, 2021
Southern California
He is hired most often by my customers for pool plastering application. Runs one crew only and he or his son or both are on the job site.
Is not a PebbleTec. Installer.
Strongly recommend talking to him.
Pictures are of most recent job two weeks ago.


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May 19, 2022
Orange County
Took 16 hours to fill the pool and spa. Here are photos of the Stonescapes Micro Pebble French Gray.

I ended up hiring a CPO/NSPF certified tech for start up. This is only day 4 so i'm hoping the finish gets better over time. Seems like he did a hot start. I believe he added muriatic acid, calcium and a sequestering agent, I tested the PH level the next day and it was 5.6. CH was 425ppm. 3 days later he added sodium bicarbonate and vacuumed the remaining dust. He asked me NOT to brush the pool anymore and said to only brush the spa. This morning, (day 4) the water looked cloudy. must have been the bicarb? Anyway, I was hoping my finish would look more like micro pebble than mini pebble. The start up tech said it feels smooth like mirco even though it looks like mini pebble.

Photos left to right:
Spa micro pebble looking lighter
pool deep end with lighter spots
pool deep end corner, lighter edge
pool baja shelf under water, looking more like mini pebble than micro pebble
oveerall pool and spa
pool steps before fill
pool baja shelf before fill.

Fill water tests:
PH 8.5
CH 100ppmIMG_1027.JPGIMG_1026.JPGIMG_1025.JPGIMG_1010.JPGIMG_0957.JPGIMG_0919.JPGIMG_0900.JPG
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Jul 21, 2013
Northern NJ
Pool Size
Salt Water Generator
SWG Type
Pentair Intellichlor IC-60
Think about switching the DE filter to a cartridge filter now...

Would this cartridge filter be a good replacement? Pentair Clean & Clear Plus Cartridge Filter, 420 Sq. Ft, EC-160301
Yes, the CCP420 filter will work fine.

You will have to flip the in and out filter lines as they are reversed between filters.
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