Turbo Ritas


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Jul 3, 2007
Tomball, Texas
WE should have a section for "Potent Potables" but in lieu of that, I thought I'd post here. I've seen Turbo Ritas referenced over on Garden Web for over a year now. I'm very particular about my margaritas and feel like I've perfected the procedure. Yesterday however a recipe for two other drinks was included - "sip and go naked" and "pink panty dropper."
I had the ingredients around the house for the "sip" and since I'm on vacation (leave for Florida Friday AM) I thought I'd try it out. I'd have to give the "sip" two thumbs up. I'm ready for the "pink" as I could imagine it would taste very good as well.

12 oz. tequila
12 oz. frozen lime aide
12 oz. 7 Up (not Sprite)
12 oz. Corona

Mix and serve over ice

Sip and Go Naked:

Replace Corona with a miller light (bud light or coors light are acceptable alternatives)
Replace Tequila with Vodka

Pink Panty Dropper:

Same as Sip and go naked, just replace 7 Up with fruit punch.


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Jul 30, 2007
tagprod said:
The Mermaid Queen said:
just have to ask, why not Sprite?
I don't know - the person posting the recipe was VERY specific not to use Sprite. Maybe they work for 7Up?
:lol: I never understood it either. I know they taste slightly different, but not that much.
thanks for the new recipes!



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Apr 8, 2007
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Not usually a tequila drinker here but they do sound good.

OK, my turn on a tequila drink or at least game involving tequila - a lil game we played at a classic rock festival just recently attended (usually what happens there stays there but we got a chuckle from this):

1 (or several) can of Redi Whip topping
at least 3 types of beverage tasty enough for shots (Mudslide and Tequila Rose work great for this)
shot glasses

Each team of couples splits up as follows:

person one of the couple stands 15' from person two holding can of VERY chilled can of Redi Whip -
Person two dispenses a "handful" of Redi Whip and must throw it under hand to Person one - who must try to catch as much as possible in their mouth -

The team that catches the most on each turn without spilling gets to choose what the other teams have to drink a shot of -

Yikes, it was messy and evil to play for very long, but it was a blast and the good part is: even if you lose and spill, your partner gets to "clean" the rest off of you (this was a public festival where we camped out so nobody drove anywhere and they had to keep their clothes on, at least until they got back to their own private camper) It was extremely hot out and most people were in swimsuits or tank tops anyways so no clothing got too messy (we also had a dunk tank at our camp spot) We gave out prizes to the winners of each round - light up shot glasses and beads.


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Jul 15, 2007
Eastern Pennsylvania
I'm a Tequila purist. Straight up, no ice. No lime or salt either. Just the hooch, thank you very much.

I'm now trying to figure out how I can convert that Redi Whip game to Cheese-in-a-can and play it with the dogs, and what I could make them drink when they lose.