Trying to replace Circulation pump


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Jul 16, 2020
Brighton, MI
Howdy! first time on this forum, hope everyone is having a good day.
I'm trying to replace the circulation pump in a Balboa EL Neptune (pretty sure that's what its called)
Original pump in Hot tub was a Waterway cp-1/15-1n22a
3410020-0E motor
The pump motor specs are labeled as follows
1/8 H.P.
S.F. 1
1725 RPM
Continuous run time.

Just about every reasonably priced pump ive found (sub $200) is rated at 1/15 H.P. Does it matter? Should I spend ~$300 to get one rated 1/8HP even if the lower HP motor has the same RPM?
also the one i keep seeing (Iron Might 3410020-1E) has a lower SF value of 0.63A Is this a big deal?

top contender for replacement:

Gecko Alliance 3410020-1E Iron Might Circ Pump, 230V - 0.8A -

Pardon my naivety, first time Hot Tub owner. Any help is appreciated.