Trying to pick the right AGP

Jun 20, 2011
We hope to have a 18x33 or so and 54" tall above ground pool installed. From what I've read choices are steel, aluminum, resin, or some hybrid of those. Does the board have any suggestions on which is best, or better yet specific brands models. There seem to be so many different models for essentially the same product that it is a bit overwhelming. We're outside philadelphia and hope to keep the pool for ~20 years if that helps.

Tahoe Resin $4000 (full package)

Then there are all these from the pool factory

I know many of these different brands are really the same company, but is there any difference in brands or one that stands out.

Also, my neighbor recently lost her pool in a storm and asked if we wanted to buy her filter and pump, so that could be savings too.

Any suggestions for what to look for?


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Jun 18, 2016
SW, Iowa
I installed the Saltwater LX from the pool factory. It was as good quality as any other above ground I've ever been around. The pool came neatly bundled onto one pallet and arrived on time and with no visible damage. Upon inventory of parts I did find some very minor damage.

The pool factory was very responsive to quickly replace the resin top rail that got cracked during shipping. I emailed them on Memorial day Monday morning, and a real person quickly responded, I sent pics as they requested, the replacement parts arrived at my house by 9am the very next morning.


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May 7, 2017
Newfoundland, NJ
One thing to note, Salt water will void the tahoe warranty. Looking at the Saltwater 8000 and the Tahoe, they look like similar pools (steel walls, resin components, etc) but the Tahoe has a longer full warranty 8yrs vs 3 yrs. Although that warranty is pointless if you use saltwater.


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Jun 21, 2011
Tecumseh, OK
If you're wanting to keep the pool as long as possible then I would say to look at models that have resin everything, bottom rails, bottom plates, top rail, caps, and bead reciever if using a beaded liner. Also a stainless steel service panel will last longer and won't corrode if you end up with a leak around the skimmer or return. The less there is to corrode, the less likely it will fail prematurely due rusted components.