Trying to locate a leak??


Jun 9, 2010
Hi all,,,,,got all the dead algae and dirt out of the pool,,,,,it looks and feels wonderful. :party: . Thanks for all the great advice.

Ok,,here is the new issue;,,losing water in the pool. I have looked and looked and can not find a spot to do the food coloring test. Is ther another way to "find" where it is leaking? All is dry on the filter and pump area. I did the bucket test and the pool lost more than the bucket. So, I am guessing that it is not from evaporation.

I have a 24 ABG, sand filter, 1.5 hp waterway pump
Use BBB method,,,and love it. :goodjob:

Any and all advice greatly appreciated,,,Heidi

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Jun 22, 2009
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Look at the waste line while the pump is running. If it's leaking out some, there's your leak! If it is it's most likely the spider gasket.
If it's not that post back and we can tell oyu how to narrow it down farther.
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