Trying to drain water from my pool but way too slow

Oct 14, 2007
I have an IntelliFlo VS-3050 that's only about 2 years old. One of the issues I run into in the winter is being able to drain the pool quickly. Attached is a picture of the spigot I'm being told I should use. I'm simply firing up the pump with a hose connected to this spigot and running it to my drain pipe on the house. Even at full speed on this pump, water only trickles out of my 26K gallon pool that is over filled by the rain.

Anyone know the best way to drain the water from this system quickly? Thanks for any help.



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May 19, 2010
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Or pick up a sump pump. Depending on how low you are trying to drain the pool, your pool pump could lose prime.

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Apr 1, 2007
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All the above ideas are better than this but I suspect what you are currently doing is allowing the water to return to the pool via the return lines except what little flows out that spigot.

If you can throttle down your return lines the pump will likely produce a huge amount of flow out that spigot.

If that doesn't work, I suspect your spigot is blocked.


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May 24, 2009
You can throw a garden hose in it and siphon the water out for free. You can get thousands of gallons out in a day w/ a five-eights hose. You do have to be able to run the hose down a hill to a point lower than the pool, though.

Good luck!