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Aug 15, 2017
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The pool in question isn't pool in my signature.
IG vinyl, approx 25000 gallons, 3 Jets ,1 Skimmer no main drain, 1 HP Super Pump, STA-RITE SYSTEM3 media filter model S8M150, AQUA RITE swg coupled with T-cell-9, PENTAIR 400K NG HEATER, MAYTRONICS DOLPHIN NAUTILUS CC PLUS ROBOTIC CLEANER

Ok, so pool hasn't been opened in two years ,now had the MAYCO cover removed with some foilage in the water and water is very green.

PH was high and got it down to a respective 7.2 via muratic acid.
Vacuumed pool , cleaned filter
Must of had an Ammonia issue couldn't get any chlorine to hold untill this morning. Water is starting to lighten up gradually Started slam process this morning and keeping it in slam level FC of 10.
Once chlorine held at 5 ppm I started adding CYA to reach 30 ppm , Salinity is from the past seasons and I guess the chlorine I added in to reach a slam. Will keep on it till the OLCT proves good. FC at slam of 10, CC is high1.5, CH 325, TA 80, PH 7.2, CYA 0 and salinity 4200 (21 drops with K-1766 test kit)
All is going as expected except for foaming/frothy issue on the water surface which I've never seen. Added nothing but MA and HDX plain chlorinating liquid chlorine. Not sure what to make of the foam. Thinking it may change once the CYA gets into the water.
Also ,Once water passes OLCT and I'm ready to go with the SWG, is the 4200 salinity too high for the AQUA RITE?
Advice is greatly appreciated , Thanks in advance , ALLAN

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Hello Allan! :wave: Sounds like you're pretty-much on track. I would ensure the CYA makes it to 30, then you can increase the FC to "12" for the remainder of the SLAM. As for the foam .... the HDX plain shouldn't be the cause. Maybe residual junk from previous pool additons like antifreeze or other suspect products. The foaming should subside soon. For the salt, you may need to consider exchanging a little water just to bring it down a bit. The exchange might even help your SLAM efforts a little, but of course with new water comes the loss of some chemicals, so if you decide to change some water, do it before adding the stabilizer. You can also hold-off on any Overnight Chlorine Loss Test until the water is clear. Just leave that test for last. Once you complete the SLAM Process, you can increase the CYA to 70 and balance like normal. Good luck!
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