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Jan 4, 2015
I have a rather old hot tub "built 1995" that has now stopped heating and the stage 2 "high speed" is no longer working when I depress the jets button, but the stage 1 side of the pump is circulating water in the tub. The heating light dose come on in the control console but it dose not heat at all. I have checked the pressure switch and is functioning. I have also cleaned everything out made sure I am not air locked and verified all the lines are connected. I am thinking it is either the high limit relay or the hi speed pump relay. but I don't want to replace anything without having a why of checking them. I am open to any ideas

White Spring Spa
Model: Springfield #61
System 2000 Spa equipment system "control box"

Thank you
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May 7, 2007
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How comfortable are you working with line voltage connections and a multimeter? If that is easy for you, the next step is to check the power terminals on the heater and see if they have voltage when the heater light is on. If so, there is something wrong with the heating element. If there isn't any voltage it is a problem earlier in the circuit which can be traced back with a multimeter.
Apr 16, 2014
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I would also like to add check the voltages coming into the spa. You can drop a leg on that 220 and a pump will still work, but not much else. See my recent thread titled "First the heat and now the jets" for my story (it ended well).