trouble closing pool


Jun 9, 2007
I'm finally getting around to closing my pool and I've run into a problem with draining the water. I've got the water level down to the bottom area of the skimmer inlet and it's sucking air so I closed the valve for the skimmer so the main drain could finish off the draining. I'm getting nothing out of the main drain line.

I have an above-ground pool (this was our second season with it).

I tried some of the suggestions that I found on this forum (running the hose from the pump basket to clear a clog), but it's just filling up the basket area with water - doesn't seem to be going through to the main drain.

Does anyone have any suggestions for me to try? It's getting freezing here (we went from high 70's to 40's almost overnight while I was out of town) and I don't want to chance waiting any longer to get everything closed up.

Any help is greatly appreciated!!!

Rebecca Kennis