Triton ps (used) or new active 20/s200


Oct 30, 2019
Pearland, tx
I found a used triton ps with cart and cover for a little less than the new s20/200 at marina. The triton is 6 months old, and they say they are selling because their house sold and don’t need it. I did a search and all I could find on the triton ps was issues, but it’s a good deal. I am just conflicted on which way to go. It will be my first robotic cleaner. Thoughts?


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Jul 7, 2014
Bedford, TX

The Triton and the S200 look to be much the same to me...

A new S200 comes with a two year warranty, but no cart..

The used Triton comes without any warranty.

A long time ago, I bought two used Dolphin Diagnostics for about $150 bucks total.. Did a little work on them and used them for another 5 years on one of them, and about 7 years on the other one... That said it was worth the risk to me for the price..

I would not pay a lot for a used robot unless I could see it running in a pool.


Jim R.