Triton II TR60


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Jun 3, 2020
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Short Story: I think I have a broken lateral line(s).

Long story: Cleaning out the 8 million mesquite leaves today. Vacuumed, empty the Caretaker bag, clean the 5 port screen. Everything was fine. 5 port screen filled again so I cleaned the screen and back washed again. Almost immediately the 5 port was making odd noise. The screen was now blocked with sand. Cleaned it again, turned on the pump without the 5 port connected and blew the line wide open. Put it back together and the same sand filled thing happened again in moments.

I assume I have a blown lateral now.
Replace the laterals (the TR60 is about 5ish years old)?
Replace the TR60 with another? It will require little(er) effort than the sand and lateral removable I *think*.
Replace with a different filter type which will require (I assume) some re-plumbing.

Thoughts and opinions are welcome.


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Jul 3, 2013
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I would just get a new lateral or laterals and repair, the TR 60 is a great filter, my buddy got the TR 100, it was a monster :)
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