TriStar vs900 installed today..question about pump power on and off every day


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Apr 25, 2009
Burlington, ON, Canada
I had a TriStar VS installed today. My controller is a Jandy PDA system with the Jandy sub panel box thingy. Because I want it to run faster when the solar is on and slower when the solar is off, I've had it wired in 'relay' mode rather than 'stand alone' mode (so the solar and cleaner JVA ports are wired to the step 1, and step 2 connections on the pump. According to this Hayward VS900 technical guide (page 11 to 13 and page 16 for a chart that shows what speeds I'll get (pump relay plus two aux relays (the JVA ports) will give me four speeds), this should work and will give me four speeds I can set. However, I did call Hayward Canada, and they said I'm like the second person ever to use relay

But my main question is - in relay mode, the speeds are set at the pump, and the timers are set on the Jandy PDA. When I program the pump timer on the PDA, it shuts power off totally to the pump when the program is over. The pump will save the internal settings for 5 (I read) or 10 years (the installer told me), but do you think this on/off cycle (so 2x a day - on in the morning and off at night) every day will be bad for the electronics? The pump is not just stopping..all power to it is off, so the display shuts off and all the electronics are off as well.

I could set the pump to always be on and run at a very low speed at night, but I don't want to use even that small amount of electricity if I don't have to.

The other option in relay mode is to set speed 1 at 0 rpm, so the pump doesn't run, but is still powered on. But if I do this, I lose one of my 4 speed options.