Tristar vs Intelliflo


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Oct 23, 2008
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I'm using the Hayward Pro Logic Controller, with the Aqua Rite salt generator and now it's time for me to replace my Sta-Rite pump and Sta-Rite filter. The Pro Logic Controller I have has the correct firmware to handle the Tristar VS pump and I was going to add the Swim Clear filter. I have a 20,000 gallon pool with spillover spa and solar.

I was talking to a salesman about my Hayward selections and he brought up that the Hayward pump is quite new in the marketplace and as of yet does not have much of a proven track record like the Intelliflo. There have been similar comments about the Tristar on this forum as well. The salesman's comments were that the Tristar was quickly brought to market to satisfy the Prologic users and he also indicated that the Tristar is already on it's fourth revision. When comparing the costs of the Tristar, (no controller needed because my Prologic can handle this pump) with the cost of the Intelliflo pump and Intellicom controller, it's almost double the cost of the Tristar. He also mentioned that the Intelliflo has better pump performance.

Is the Intelliflo worth twice as much as the Tristar in my application?


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Jun 22, 2009
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My personal opinion would be no! But it's not my money.

I've read the blurbs about the Tristar not being out very long but I haven't read where many people have had a problem with it. If it had a serious problem we'd hear about it. Tons of people would be flocking to the net to complain about it.


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May 3, 2007
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The one thing I like about the Tristar over the Intelliflo is that it has a separate drive whereas the Intelliflo is integrated on the motor. The Tristar drive also seems to be easier to purchase separately and is less expensive then to replace the Intelliflo drive. The Tristar also uses a less expensive 3-phase induction motor.

So while the Intelliflo is more efficient than the Tristar, it seems as though they designed the Tristar to be more easily serviced as well as less expensive.