Trim Tile and Pebble Finish


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Jul 13, 2014
Cypress, TX
I am trying to make decisions on pool resurfacing. Currently have a 13 year old pool with white plaster, plan is to replace with a pebble finish. We really like the white pool and the water color from the white plaster, so not looking to actually change that. Therefore, we are going with a white based pebble finish.

First question: leaning toward NPT Stanescapes Mini Pebble Aqua Cool Color. With a sample on the top step, struggling with all the speckles in the finish. I feel like I've never seen a pebble finish that wasn't some dark color, and wondering if I will actually like this once installed. I see on NPT site there is a Zanzibar and a White that eliminate that. Really trying to figure out if it is just a contrast to what I am used to...or if it really stands out so much that I will always see it. Don't have any pictures handy, but pool is free form with oak trees and green landscaping around pool, with stone boulder weeping wall across the back with flagstone coping. Very "earthy" if you will.

Second question: Trim tiles on the steps, spa seats, and pool benches. I like the flare these add, but builders (who see a lot of pools) tend to recommend against this. Is it because installation is easier without it, or do they really think it looks so much better. Only seems to be a recommendation with pebble finishes, so I'm guessing it is more of an installation bias.


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Jul 21, 2013
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To me contrasting trim tiles on steps and benches are a safety feature letting people see where they and the edges are. Many people will be in the pool with poor eyesight, maybe without their glasses, or water in their eyes. The contrasting tiles let people identify the steps or ledges so they don't trip on them and know where to grab for safety if necessary. I would always want it in my pool.


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Sep 3, 2018
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I agree with what ajw said about the step markers. As for the pebble, I’m not a fan. I don’t like the look of the pebbles, especially tan and black pebbles. It is something I look at whenever I get in someone’s pool with a pebble finish. And I don’t think that would change for me. I also don’t like the feel of it. Those are the reasons we’ll be going with quartz.