Tried to fix my old ultra flow need a new pump...

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Jul 17, 2009
Hello All,
My 10 year old ultra flow 1.5HP Full rated pump was running very laud, it also had a leak from the shaft that killed that bearing...
So i finally got new bearings, seal, other orings, and took the pump apart. I totally forgot that the impeller was also threaded and tried to pull out out the shaft and broke it...
Than, I realized that so i needed to hold the shaft in order to unscrew the impeller. For this i had to open the back cover of the motor. Out of the 4 long bolts that hold the 3 parts of the motor, i was able to take a part the top two. Since i was impatient, I snapped the bottom two long bolt and broke them. (I put WD40, but was not patient to wait...).
I put the wrench, managed to remove the (now) broken impeller, took the seal out, and unscrewed the 4 nut trying to separate the motor front plate from the seal plate. It wouldn't disconnect from each other. I can see that the top is "loose" and moves slightly, but the bottom has so much deposit, that it seems like glued. All the chlorine/salt water has made the aluminum and stainless steel bolt welded. I can't disconnect them so i could get to the front (broken) bearing to replace it.
Since this is my only pump for the pool, and it is still hot, i cannot afford to have the water not circulate, so i decided to put it back. I put the old seal back, manage to close the motor together using only the top two long screws (the lower two are broken...) and put back the broken impeller. ( i broken the top cover of the impeller and also two circles).
Interestingly the pump works, makes different noise, vibrates more, (still very laud), it is not leaking, but flows much less. My filter PSI is at 9, and was 17 before without solar. With solar, PSI is 14, and was 28 before.
I'm in half panic mode, as i know that this can explode any minute, but can't just stop the filtration...i have two options:
1) Buy a new pump. Not sure what type, and would appreciate help. (separate thread)

2) Fix it, and invest in old (dead horse). I'm not sure how to disconnect the motor from the seal plate...and even if successful, not sure if the motor would live long by not having all 4 long screws. It might not have 100% balance on axis, and thus kill the bearings quick.. Also would need to buy new impeller at $50-60. If new motor another $250.

Please help.
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