Tried saving a lizard but accidentally sent it to its doom


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Mar 16, 2021
Austin, TX
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I was cleaning the skimmer basket when I saw a lizard struggling to get out. In hindsight I should have turned the pump off in order to let him into the basket that I could fish out. Instead I pulled the basket out and the lizard fell into the empty skimmer hole and got flushed down :(

I searched for him in the pump but he didn’t make his way there. This happened about two days ago. I think I see him stuck to the skimmer hole. He’s a goner that’s for sure but do I wedge him free and let him get to the pump basket or do I try to use some sticks to get him out? I understand that this is a weird question but I don’t want my CC going up!

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If you can still see him in the plumbing at the bottom of the skimmer, you might try turning off the pump then insertion a garden hose at the pump to push water "backwards" towards the skimmer. Maybe get lucky pushing him backwards back up.

PS - We have to watch for frogs that way too. :(


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Jun 16, 2019
Do you have any old skool metal coat hangers ? I’d try bending a 1 inch hook at the end that would pass by him and then twist it to hook him out.

one strand from Romex electrical wire would work also.

(while being careful not to push him further)