Trichlor/Dichlor CYA chart?

Aug 4, 2014
Glendale, AZ
Is there an easy to use calculator or chart I can find somewhere to tell me how much of the granulated Trichlor or Dichlor I need for a specific CYA level?

I use the BBB method and it works great except for one thing. My pool needs CYA added about once a year. I just checked it and it's at 0 CYA. I could buy the "stabilizer", but since I'm needing to SLAM the pool anyways, I figured it would be cheaper, easier and quicker to just use Trichlor or Dichlor powder.

My pool is about 25,000 gallons and has 0 CYA at the moment. How much should I add to raise the CYA to 30 ppm?